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Chopard Replica has a long history of being connected to the sea. This is what makes the brand's work possible today. The new Diver Chronometer represents a major leap forward in diving watches.

Diver Chronometer is a watch that was designed and manufactured to withstand up to 300 meters of destructive water pressure. Diver Chronometer was designed to withstand water pressure up to 300 meters. Its inverted concave bezel and domed sapphire glasses are an innovation in high watchmaking.

Fred Buyle, a free-diver, is impressed by the Diver Chronometer. He explains that the main benefit of freediving comes from not having to carry a lot gear. "I travel with only a wetsuit and dive watch. I also have a pair fins, mask, and my photography equipment. The dive watch is essential for free divers. Freediving is a unique experience. Sometimes time seems to pass quickly, and at other times it appears to slow down. I wear my Chopard Replica Diver watches all the time. My watch is my main tool for determining the time. A watch with an automatic movement is essential, as you can be sure that the battery won't die on a remote adventure.

The new 44mm Diver Chronometer features an automatic movement powered by Chopard Replica's proprietary technology of silicium, which is designed to improve precision, reliability, and ease of operation. The new Diver Chronometer is not only a powerful tool watch but also an all-arounder that can go from Davy Jones' locker to a formal dinner and everything in between.

Diver Chronometers are also available in limited editions of Monaco and Diver Great White. The first edition is limited to only 300 pieces and features a great-white shark on the back of the case. The second model features the Monegasque Flag at 12 o’clock, Monaco’s coat of arms on the caseback, and dates for the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 in red on its date disc. It is available in 100 units.

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Manufacture Movement UN 118 with power reserves indicator (Breitling Aeromarine Replica Watches).

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Water resistant up to 300m in 44mm Titanium case