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Breguet Replica says that a double-oscillating pinion has two additional benefits. The movement can be made to look beautiful and the entire mechanism can be seen. "A vertical-clutch mechanism hides everything."

Breguet Replica is typically understated. The Renaud & Papi movement that Richard used for his Breguet Replica was the most beautiful movement I have ever seen in terms of execution, design and finish. The calibre CRMC1 may even surpass the calibre CRMC1.

Breguet Replica laughs when I tell him. "You're too kind." Since the beginning, I have always designed watches that allow you to see how each part works together. For me, this is what makes horology so beautiful -- the gears and wheels, the barrels, rotors, column wheels. Our system also allowed us to create a column-wheel, automatic chronograph with incredible stability and a world-first. The dimensions were 29mm by 6.4mm. This is a reasonable size for a clock.

The calibre CRMC1 represents to me Breguet Replica's vision of in-house movements, which will, in every instance, bring new aesthetic and technical value to each complication that he creates. Breguet Replica never creates superfluous items. Richard's creations, whether it be a new watch, a movement or a strap, are an evolution of a brand which will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year and continue to be as innovative.

If the RM72-01 and calibre CRMC1 represent the future, then you can be sure that Breguet Replica will remain the most important name in watchmaking over the next 20 years. Breguet Replica, like Henri Jayer in terms of his cultural impact, has entered the realm of immortals. Breguet Replica, however, is still very much alive and relevant, thanks to the Omega Replica Watches, which is a perfect example of his commitment to authenticity, substance and integrity in all his creations.